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Email Campaign Tracking

Track Your Campaign’s Success

Tracking email campaign is the best way to get feedback for a campaign. This feedback enables redesign, tweaking and maximizing penetration of emails. At Sober Technologies, we don’t stop at providing the client with a mailing list, we go many steps further. The most important one among them is tracking the success of their email marketing campaign.

Tracking the campaign gives a clear idea as to what worked in a campaign, what did not. We look at best practices and we analyze the reasons behind shortcomings and how the campaign can be improved. We design an entire program for the client and then send it out ourselves, making sure that it is tracked all the way.

By tracking emails, their open rates, click rates and clickthrough rates, we can zero-in on shortcomings. Email campaign can be made much more effective and powerful by avoiding Spam traps and removing bounce email addresses. Along with tracking, reports will be generated in real time about the above mentioned parameters. Averages will be taken, understanding changes or spike rates as well as a drop outs.

Get 360º coverage of email marketing with email tracking!