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Smart Leads

Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level with Customized Leads

According to a recent study custom-built databases can reduce marketing costs by 35 percent. Customized leads help you in identifying the right prospects for your business. Sober Technologies provides prospective leads that are developed by industry experts after thorough market research and validation. Such customized databases can help companies identify potential customers and their preferences and choice of services.

Smart Leads

Why Get a Customized Leads Database from Us?

  • Our lead databases are highly authentic and compiled from reliable sources like government listings, public filings, tradeshows, conferences etc.
  • Each and every lead in the database is verified by our professionals through telephone and email, both
  • The database can be used for specialized marketing campaigns instead of a generalized one
  • A high deliverability rate ensures a successful marketing campaign, as the lists are verified and collected from authentic sources
  • The quality of leads is further strengthened with segmentation into various categories like occupation, location, zip code, demography and others besides the basic contact details of the customers

Customized leads from Sober Technologies have the most comprehensive business information about organizations that a company requires in order to approach other companies for services. Such leads are absolutely necessary in today’s dynamic market scenario, where competition from new businesses increases every day!