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B2B Technology Leads

Who needs B2B Technology Leads?

Any B2B organization looking to capture virgin markets, expand their business reach globally, and target decision makers needs B2B Technology Leads.

B2B Technology User’s Data is Required By:

B2B Technology Leads

Most Authentic Data Source:

  • Tradeshows
  • Government records and listings
  • Annual reports & public filings
  • Business and trade magazine subscriptions
  • Yellow Pages
  • Opt-in email campaigns
  • Surveys and feedback forms

B2B Technology Leads helps businesses fulfill their sales and marke information about companies ready to purchase

  • Counts : 537,456
  • double opt-in
  • Formats Available : XLS and Text
  • Deliverability Guarantee : 90%+ for Direct mails, 85%+ for Tele-contacts and 65% to 75% + for emails
  • Available fields : Name, Email ID, Company name & Address, Company Size, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Phone and Fax and NAICS

Leverage the benefits of B2B Technology Leads and drastically reduce marketing costs!