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Lead Management

Improve the coordination between your marketing and sales team

It is a long and arduous process that starts from lead generation and finishes at closing a deal. Many times situations build up when marketing and sales teams have a wide variety of leads – hot, cold, warm, and lukewarm. And all of them require attention, tracking and management, at the same time. According to a recent study, during this process, almost 78 percent of sales leads are lost or not followed up on time.

Sober Technologies provides an effective lead management platform to automate and measure lead generation and qualification process. Our end-to-end lead management services help to smoothly execute campaigns. Additionally, we also track, measure and report each lead behavior and engage them accordingly.

End-To-End Lead Management Process

Through our lead management tool you can

  • Get targeted landing pages to convert online traffic into leads
  • Automatically identify hot leads
  • Develop better prospects into sales ready leads
  • Enhance sales pipeline power through shortened sales cycle
  • Improve harmony between marketing and sales

Get streamlined lead management services to ensure maximum ROI from your lead!

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