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Products and Services

Marketing Leads

Every day startups and big corporations wake up to databases cluttered with outdated, invalid or incomplete leads. Some face an embarrassing situation daily where they call up contacts that are dead or have moved elsewhere. At Sober Technologies, we update our client’s database with fresh, complete and micro targeted leads. Read More

Technology Leads

Technology Leads helps you establish contact with the right prospects from different technical backgrounds. Our Technology Lead database is compiled after extensive market research and verification. It includes complete personal and professional information on key decision makers, who are involved in purchase of products and services for their company. Read More

Nurture Marketing

Over the last few years there have been many changes in the arena of B2B marketing and sales. Marketing teams have become too restless while sales teams, too demanding! However, both these teams essentially look for the same thing – quality leads! Sober Technologies provides end-to-end lead management and nurturing solutions that creates a powerful alignment between marketing and sales team. Read More

Smart Marketing

Sober Technologies provides prospect leads that are developed by industry experts after thorough market research and validation. Such customized databases can help you identify your potential customers and their preferences and choices of services. Read More

Database Assessment

Sober Technologies brings your way a host of Data Assessment services. Through our dynamic services you can refresh, update, validate and correct all your data present in your database. Read More

Other solutions

Understanding the pulse of the market is very important, sending across thousands of emails does not make sense today. A careful approach combined with meticulous research, gives an idea of what has to be done to get desired results. Market surveys are popular means to approach prospects, understand what they want, design offers and products around their requirements.
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