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Postal Marketing Leads

Cost Optimize Direct Mailing Process

Some skeptics might have been too eager in pronouncing the death of postal mails with the advent of email marketing. But not everyone tosses their postal invites and brochures, without opening them, into the dustbin, unlike marking unopened emails as spam. Though considered expensive, the retention factor for direct mailing supplements is greater because hardcopy creates the best top-of-the-mind recall.

Sober Technologies excels in providing accurate, current and complete direct mailing addresses for your leads. We also make sure these addresses are not registered with The Mailing Preference Service (MPS). We also have postal mailing experts who presort and process your mails before they are sent to the post office. This way, we comprehensively optimize mailing process.

The tangible benefits of postal marketing leads are

  • A larger target audience compared to online or telemarketing
  • Fewer delivery restrictions and no spam words to stay clear of
  • Greater visibility and brand recognition.

Make your prospects feel privileged. Send them an offer via post!