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“Sober Technologies have been a great company to work with. They have provided quality telemarketing records that have worked well with various offers. The telemarketing records have been 93-97% accurate which is great compared to other files that we have rented/bought. We look forward continuing our business with Online Leads.”

Thanks - Linda Core

Linda Core - Marketing Account Coordinator

“Understanding what the client needs is the USP of Sober Technologies. We needed area specific emails lists and this is exactly what they were able to provide!”

Peter Anderson - VP Sales and Marketing, North America

“Demand generation was lacking in our strategy, and Sober Technologies took over the task for us. We saw a considerable increase in the leads generated, a commendable job done”.

Dolley McKinley - Senior VP Marketing division

“A comprehensive data management system was the need and we tried Sober Technologies, never had any issue with it ever since!”

Nancy Brown Area Head - marketing and Advertising

“Top notch solutions for database and lead management are all available with Sober Technologies and an effortless integration into our systems too”.

Grace Jones, CMO Global Sales.

“Sober Technologies designed our entire email campaign from scratch and we saw an increase in leads never seen in the history of the company! After this we have utilized a whole host of their services without thinking twice! “

Sonia Martin, East Coast Operations

“After seeing a jump in demand for our products by using Sober Technologies for our email marketing campaign our entire marketing campaign has been outsourced to them!”

Susan Joseph, Head, Sales, California State.

“Timely deliverability is essential and Sober Technologies is on top of it. Any service, be it email campaigns, demand generation or lead management, there are no doubts about it being done on time, every time!”

Bruce Cullen, CEO Global Marketing.

“Our marketing division was lacking at various levels. Sober Technologies filled all the gaps efficiently, did their job diligently and gave us direction and focus, a job well done.”

Sam Watson, VP Marketing and Sales.

“Seamless integration into our daily work plan is generally not expected from an outsourced service provider, but Sober Technologies broke all our preconceived notions and proved to be a worthwhile investment. Very impressed with their work ethics”.

Paul Bennet. Senior VP. Sales.

“With a host of services to offer us, Sober Technologies does a commendable job of doing it all well. All our partnership guidelines were met, and all deadlines achieved. Their customers support team is excellent backing up their entire services well.”

Allen Jones, Head, Sales, European Region.