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Email Campaign Reporting

Get Progress Reports for Your Campaign

Email campaign reporting maps the progress of the campaign. We can get insight into where the campaign is doing well and where it isn’t. Information on both these counts helps us as well as the client to gain insights into the client‘s mind. It helps understand the nature of their client base and what they’re looking for and how much is too much.

After the email campaign has gone live, Sober Technologies starts the process of tracking its progress. This tracking is done according to various parameters. Parameters are clearly specified and help in understanding if there are shortcomings and how they can be ironed out. These reports help to gauge whether email marketing campaign is in sync with the strategy or changes need to be made in the current one.

Based on the tracking, a report is created and delivered according to the client’s requirement. These reports can be generated daily or weekly or even monthly. The most common requests that we get are for 2-3 days to a week. However, to get maximum coverage and benefits, we recommend a weekly report.